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VINCI Construction

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FINANCES / COMPTABILITE / GESTION / FISCALITE 2022-62359 681 Birmingham, Angleterre Contrat à durée indéterminée Bac +5 Supérieur à 8 ans

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Finance Manager - HS2 Joint ventures F/H


Position : HS2 Joint ventures Finance Manager

In the context of HS2 developments in the UK, the joint ventures that will perform industrial and construction projects needs to hire a finance manager.

Specific tasks will include as a minimum:

  • Issue procedures governing the preparation of invoices, requests for payment and operating of the Joint-Venture bank accounts.
  • Issue procedures governing the cash flow of the Joint venture, the follow up of the cash flow needs if any, and the cash calls to the partners.
  • Issue procedures governing the approval of Purchase orders / payment of invoices.
  • propose, subscribe and follow up insurance policies of the Joint Venture in accordance with Executive Committee decisions.
  • Supervise payroll administration
  • Supervise purchase ledger accountant
  • Work in close relationship with the Commercial team of the projects
  • In cooperation with the Project Manager, produce and submit to the Executive Committee the Project Financial Report (PFR):
  1.  before the end of each year, an annual budget for the following year;
  2.  at least 30 days prior to the beginning of each quarter, a forecast at completion of operating results, and at least 15 days prior to the beginning of each month, a six-month rolling cash forecast and cash position, working capital, and other funds required to perform the Subcontractbefore the end of each year, an annual budget for the following year;
  3. financial statements of the Joint venture's : cash position, full balance sheet, P&L.
  • Provide to the Parties any other financial or other similar information requested by any Party hereto.  All such financial statements shall be provided promptly to the Parties and shall be prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”) acceptable in England and consistently applied.

Work in partnership with accounting team of Freyssinet Limited to provide key events, assumptions to close the books and provide information to auditors in order to approve AFS.

Compliance :

  • Ensure local and JV rules are implemented
  • Inform the Executive Committee in case of doubt or any deviations or compliance to these rules
  • Adhoc analysis or studies required to optimise rentability
  • Continuous improvement: process and data monitoring / action plan

General objectives, skills and experience:

Have experience on large construction projects executed through integrated Joint Ventures;
Play a key role as a business partner of the project management on the financial and administrative aspects of the projects, while promoting the management of risks & opportunities and internal control;
Prepare Financial statements and present them to the JV Executive Committee, make recommendations and seek approvals;
Communicate with the Financial Officers of the JV members to meet corporate requirements.


Since its inception in 1950, Freyssinet has been at the forefront of providing specialised civil engineering technology, consultancy and installation for projects large and small. Freyssinet forms part of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group, a name that is respected worldwide for delivering innovative solutions and pushing the envelope of civil and structural engineering achievement. Originally a specialist in bridge components and post-tensioning, Freyssinet has successfully expanded its portfolio of products and services into repair, protection and strengthening of structures: specialising in diagnostic surveys, repairs, refurbishment, bridge bearings, expansion joints and cathodic protection to reinforced concrete in the building, civil and marine sectors. Our employees are at the heart of everything Freyssinet does. Our motivated and dedicated workforce is a key driver of the exceptional service, skill and quality Freyssinet is renowned for, delivering complex and pioneering projects all around the UK. We believe in providing our employees with excellent benefits and place great importance on people development, helping our people to achieve their full potential and enjoy interesting and rewarding careers. REAL PEOPLE, REAL WORK, REAL REWARDS - Build a lasting career with Freyssinet, apply now.


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