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IT / SYSTEMES D'INFORMATION 2023_01_06_BUCH Braşov, Braşov

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Chief Accountant (f/m/d)


As one of the leading software and consulting companies on the local government market, we have been using our expertise and our skill for over three decades to provide optimal support to administrations and public facilities on their journey to become modern service providers. 

The ideal candidate:

  • Completed higher economic studies; 
  • At least 3 years of experience in the accounting field; 
  • In-depth knowledge of applicable accounting legislation; 
  • The qualification of an authorized accountant or auditor is a plus; 
  • Accounting experience in the IT industry is a plus; 
  • Payroll skills are an advantage. 
  • Advanced knowledge of English and German is an advantage; 
  • SAP knowledge; 
  • Very good knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook. 


  • Coordinates the registration, review and reconciliation of economic transactions in primary, financial and management accounting with the aim of complying with the requirements of accounting standards, tax legislation,internal and external audit procedures. 
  • Ensures the fulfillment of deadlines and responsibilities related to the Company's tax, financial and operational reporting. 
  • Responsible for the realization, review and reporting of the results for all accounting operations of the company 


  • Organizes and manages all accounting processes in the company; 
  • Creates, reviews and analyzes accounting records and financial reports; 
  • Draw up and maintain the accounting registers in accordance with the rules, deadlines and correctness and accounting standards; 
  • Creates and controls the flow of accounting documents in the company, so that all documents for the current month are registered and archived; 
  • Prepares the accounting balances with: assets, financial responsibilities, debtors and creditors on a monthly basis; 
  • Prepares all the necessary documents for the financial statements of the financial year; 
  • It regularly carries out accounting analyses, reviews the accounting policy and proposes improvements; 
  • Maintains the equipment database, creates and reconciles monthly depreciation reports and subactive assets; 
  • Prepares and makes available financial data and analysis to ensure management support in operational and strategic decisions; 
  • Prepares monthly and annual financial reports required by accounting and tax legislation or by company management; 
  • Ensures the completion of the billing period each month and for each fiscal quarter 
  • Prepares and serves the payslips (payslips, centralization situations, tax returns, etc.); 
  • Participate, at the request of management, in internal and cross-departmental projects or activities that are temporary in nature, depending on its role and competencies, in order to contribute to the achievement of the team's objectives; 
  • Prepares and makes available documents requested by the employees. 

Legal aspects:

  • Is responsible for communication with the tax authorities; 
  • Is responsible for completing declarations and other documents in accordance with deadlines and legal requirements; 
  • Calculates the taxes due and prepares the tax refund to ensure compliance with payment, reporting and other tax requirements; 
  • Prepares the data for the statistical reports and forms and completes them for the relevant reporting periods; 
  • Protects the company from any kind of penalties
  • It is constantly informed about the latest legal requirements and practices in accounting; is responsible for the implementation of all other tasks specified by accounting law, by the regulation for its application, as well as by the other applicable legal provisions on the economic and financial accounting line


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