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REALISATION / TRAVAUX / CONDUITE DE PROJETS 12779 Paris, Île-de-France Region Contrat à durée déterminée

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RELAUNCH : Senior Contract Engineer

Job title : Senior Contract Engineer (H/F)
Sector : Oil & Gas
Starting date : 15/02/2024
Duration of the mission : 1 year
Renewable: Yes
Location : Paris / FRANCE
Status : Resident
Rythm : N/A
Languages : English

The job holder is responsible for the supervision and coordination of all activities related to contracting matters for the project during the Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction, Commissioning and Installation phases. In particular, the job holder is responsible:
✓ To promote safety culture within the project and his/her activities. Lead by exemplarity to have the team members and colleagues adhering and contributing
✓ To ensure that state of the art (TGP, TEEPRH...,) referential and local rules/laws are complied with and captured in all contractual requirements.
✓ To liaise with Legal, PJT and DARAG to ensure best practices for contracting.
✓ To keep the project Contract Manager, the Package Manager and all relevant parties informed regarding ongoing activities status. To advise the Project /Package Managers on relevant actions/decisions.
✓ To prepare and manage, as necessary, the whole contracting process – for contracts to be placed during the Execution Phase or during the CFT phase - in compliance with TEEPRH and Project procedures and with due respect to approved schedule and milestones.
This includes:
  • The preparation of tendering dossiers (technical Exhibits, General and Particular specifications), the launching of CFTs, the management of the clarification / negotiation phases, the evaluation of contractual and commercial proposals and the issue of final Recommendations to Award, including Due Diligence process.
  • To prepare / coordinate the final set of contractual / commercial / technical documentation for these contracts.
  • The preparation and follow-up of the associated Commitment process.
  • The preparation and follow-up of external approvals with Partners and Concessionaire, as needed.
  • To contractually and commercially administrate/manage the awarded Contract(s) and liaise actively with relevant technical specialists for the technical management of Contractor(s). The contract engineer is responsible for clarifying and communicating the contract tools and mechanisms for the technical specialists to be aware of them.
✓ To manage the process associated with contractual and commercial changes (changes orders) according to Change Order Procedure and Delegation of Authorities in force. Coordinate requests for technical changes and follow-up related approval process.
✓ To participate to Change orders meetings with Contractors and to build from ED a counterclaim dossier.
✓ To verify the contractor’s progress in coordination with the Package Manager, Planning Engineer and Cost Controller. To work closely with the planning and cost engineer on re-forecasting the final cost estimate of the contract.
✓ To ensure payment is in accordance with the claimed progress.
✓ To monitor all Cost remuneration to Contractor and participate in the compilation of Milestone Payment Certificates and Contractor Invoices.
✓ To participate to Weekly Meetings with Contractors and, in general, to all necessary meetings as requested. To be the scribe for all Package management MOM to ensure that wordings are contractually in favour of COMPANY.
✓ To participate in the settlement of disputes together with legal, insurance and finance specialists.
✓ To perform the close-out of Contract(s) with respect to TEEPRH and Project procedures.
✓ To participate in reducing contractual risks associated with interfaces with other packages and highlighting potential risks occurring during the execution of the contract.
✓ To ensure that clear and accurate records of contractual matters are maintained and monitor key dates, against dates defined in the contracts.
✓ To participate, for the Contracts administrated, in the development of Project Budget and subsequent revisions (as requested) according to actual expenditure versus planned budget, potential changes...

  • As a general manner, to manage all contractual and commercial activities related to Contract(s) he is in charge of, up to close-out, in the frame and with respect to procedural obligations as per Production Sharing Agreement, Decrees and Laws in force, Joint operating Agreement and in strict compliance of delegation of authorities and associated Contract and Procurement procedures
  • To timely report to the Package Manager, assisting him, as required, in communication with Project Management, and highlighting progress and encountered areas of concern.
  • To ensure reporting to project's Contract Manager of the administrated Contract activities

The project is divided in 4 sub-projects. The project on which you will be is the is the major full field development. It involves drilling around 220 wells (oil producers and water injectors), 13 well pads and associated trunklines feeding a new built CPF, to be designed at company's standards, with an average capacity of 210 kbopd. Oil will flow respectively at 60 to 80 kbopd (~100 MMscfd) and 150 to 130 kbopd from LP reservoirs (~30 MMscfd).

The project will be developed with the objective to maximize economical results, with a particular focus on the CAPEX, while maintaining the technical quality of the installations, with high H3SE requirements and focus. The project development includes several interfaces with other projects which shall be managed in an optimized and agile manner.

The country context is complex due to several factors and risks to be mitigated all along the project. Particular attention will be paid to the safety culture enhancement and to the local content that will be a key factor for the project success.

- Professional Experience: minimum 15 years
- Experience within projects: 10 minimum experiences in Project EPC contract
- Fluency in English
- Strong EPC contracts experience (Minimum 10 years)

Position Title n+1: Project's Contract Manager
Position Title n+2: Project Control Manager
Direct hierarchical management: NA

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