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ENGINEERING / STUDIES / METHODEN, REALISATIE / WERKEN/ PROJECTLEIDING 12992 Paris, Île-de-France Region Contract van bepaalde duur

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Early Works Construction Manager

Job title:  Early Work Construction Manager

Sector: Gas Upstream Project

Starting date:  01/06/2024

Duration: One Year

Renewable: Yes

Location: France during FEED phase, relocation in Iraq for execution phase.
Place of mobilization: France, Paris or Pau for 2024, and Iraq on rotational position in 2025

Status: Resident

Language: English mandatory, Arabic would be a plus.


The job holder is responsible and accountable for all the construction activities related to the Early Works of the AGUP ph2 project, in conformity with the project technical referential, H3SE rules, and within the agreed budget, schedule and Statement of Requirements.
The Iraq AGUP phase 2 Project (Associated Gas Upstream Project) is a key project for the Client as it is a major petroleum investment and also part of an overall portfolio of four GGIP (Growth Gas Integrated Project) projects in Iraq.
AGUP phase 2 project is an onshore greenfield project, comprising the following main elements:
  • new Well pads (15) and the upstream gathering network including multiphase and water injection trunklines and power distribution network.
  • upstream Central Processing Facility (CPF) located in Ratawi field area and adjacent to GMP CPF (Gas Midstream Project, also part of GGIP);
  • integration of existing AGUP phase 1 upstream facilities (well pads) into AGUP phase 2 production network;
  • Main export system consisting of a single-phase oil pipeline.
  • Ratawi oil field comprises 4 reservoirs, including low pressure sweet crudes and high pressure sour crude, approx. 300 wells overall (200 producers and 100 water injectors).
Production Data: 210 kbopd of crude oil (+160MMscfd of raw gas and 7.8 kbpd of raw condensate) + 550kbwpd water injection.

The early works scope includes the following main elements:
  • Site clearing (300 hectars) of new logistic base, roads network, central processing facilities, construction camp areas and Well pads (7 pads, 70 hectars) areas of phase 2A scope,
  • Site preparation for new logistic base, roads network, well pads and central processing platforms, and construction camp platforms to the acceptable level for main construction works and drilling campaign start.
  • Infrastructure development
  • new logistic base incl. buildings, facilities.
  • roads constructions (50 Km network in early works) on CPF and well pads, access roads,
and trucklines ROW ways.
  • well pads pre-installed concrete works (cellars, culverts) for drilling execution.
  • early/pioneer camp for construction.
  • advanced Security precautions – Global Restricted Area (concrete T-walls, security
paths, airlocks).
  • Staff managed (number of personnel): ± 05


The job holder is responsible:

• To define, propose and manage the organization of a construction team dedicated to the Early
  Works activities, and to ensure an appropriate plan for mobilization.
• To ensure that the Early Works meet all Project requirements, and comply with all applicable
  rules, codes and standards, specifically with regards to H3SE requirements.
• To contribute to update regularly, at least quarterly, the Risk register of the package and
  implement the corresponding mitigation actions.
• To contribute to identify and promote innovative and cost-effective solutions.
• To contribute to implement the local content plan as approved, and for motivating contractors to
  effectively carry out all necessary steps (including recruitment and training of Iraqi nationals).

During FEED Phase (including EPC CFT phase), the job holder is responsible:
• To work closely with the engineering team to maximize value enhancement opportunities.
   especially with regards to Early Works construction strategy.
• To contribute to the CFT process for Early Works, from preparation of tender documentation to
• To organize and participate Site visits with Company representatives and Early Works Bidders.
• To study the construction strategy based on past projects lessons learned and estimated
   productivity factors

During the Early Works Construction Phase: The job holder is responsible:
• To prepare the Early Works mobilization at site.
• To manage Company site supervision team and all Early Works Contractors and Subcontractors
   during Construction phase of Early Works
• To deliver of the Early Works as per the agreed budget and the planned schedule.
• Responsible to manage, evaluate and challenge the Contractors and Subcontractors’
  performance on weekly basis through direct reports.
• Responsible to provide oversight of Contractors and Subcontractors’ performance/productivity
  including Health and Safety, Environmental, Community Relations, Quality assurance, Schedule
  and Cost including measurable items.
• Ensure that accurate daily records of Contractors/Subcontractors’ activities are kept and promptly
  notify the project control team of any issues that may have commercial implication (Claims), and
  Support Company contract team in the administration of EPC Contract
• To hand over adequate Early Works and Infrastructures for future use by other project packages.

Agreements were signed by the Client in Iraq to enhance the development of the country’s natural resources. The GGIP project, located in the Basra region, is a 4-in-1 project:
  • The Associated Gas Upstream Project - AGUP: Enhance Ratawi oil field production thanks to infrastructures upgrade and new export pipeline (Phase I), then a new CPF and additional development wells (Phase II). A 3D seismic will be acquired on Ratawi field prior to the Phase II.
  • The Gas Midstream Project - GMP: Valorize the gas from Ratawi, Majoon and Al Qurna West-2 (Phase I) oil fields.
  • The Common Seawater Supply Project - CSSP: Major water-injection project that will help the long-term production of several fields of South Iraq. The Client will only be involved into the seawater treatment plant building.
  • The Solar Power Plant - SPP: major solar project (PV plant with a 1250 GW DC) which will allow to produce power (1000 GW AC) to be injected into the grid.
  • AGUP Phase 2 is the major full field development. It involves drilling around 221 wells, feeding a new built CPF, at the Client standards, with a capacity of 210 kbopd. Oil will flow respectively at 60 to 80 kbopd from Yamama (~100 MMscfd) and 150 to 130 kbopd from LP reservoirs (~30 MMscfd).

AGUP ph2 project will be developed with the objective to maximize economical results, with a particular focus on the CAPEX, while maintaining the technical quality of the installations, with high H3SE requirements and focus. The project development includes several interfaces with other projects (AGUP ph1, GMP and CSSP) which shall be managed in an optimized and agile manner.
The country context is complex due to several factors and risks to be mitigated all along the project. Particular attention will be paid to the safety culture enhancement and to the local content that will be a key factor for the project success.
The Early Works Package must be delivered early enough to allow the project meeting its schedule commitments. In addition, the targeted EPC contractor(s) for executing the work shall be local.


Professional Experience (years): 15+ years in Oil and Gas projects.
Experience in similar position (years): 8 years with managerial responsibilities, including in project execution – previous experience in civil works, early works, roads, camps construction required.
Level / Diploma: Engineer or equivalent.


The Service holder is accountable to:
The job holder will manage a team of engineers/technicians during construction phase and shall duly provide them with clear guidance and priorities for the performance of their duties, while motivating them and rewarding them as applicable for their project achievements (team spirit / motivation), in order to meet the objectives of the AGUP ph2 Project.
The job holder shall undertake all activities she/he is responsible for, or involved in, with the highest level of consideration for HSE risk management, protecting human health, respecting communities and conserving the environment.
She/he will promote safety and environment awareness / conscientiousness at all levels through an exemplary and pro- active attitude towards the Project team, the Contractors / Subcontractors / Vendors Teams and with all stakeholders.
The job holder shall perform all activities she/he is responsible for, or involved in, with the highest level of consideration to the Project Quality Policy and management system.
The job holder is also accountable individually for demonstrating an exemplary behavior with regards to the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy.
The job holder reports to the Pipelines, wellpads and Early Works Package Manager.

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