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Si vous avez l’âme d’entreprendre, de la curiosité et l’esprit collectif, si vous pensez que les êtres humains doivent toujours primer sur les systèmes, vous avez toutes les chances de trouver votre place chez nous  !

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IT / SYSTEMES D'INFORMATION 30024 Veghel, Noord-Brabant Stage HBO Etudes en cours

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Energy Management


Due to the increasing number of households and companies generating their own sustainable energy, the balance between energy demand and energy production is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Because many of these producers also want to supply the energy back to the electricity grid, a capacity problem is gradually arising on the grid. Increasing capacity is in many cases very expensive and takes too much time to keep up with developments in the short term. A solution to the problem could consist of storage systems that can temporarily store the energy and then supply it back to the grid, but also to maximize local use of the self-generated energy. 

Actemium would like to be part of this solution by developing a generic Energy Management framework (EM). This requires research into the possibilities. After this research, Actemium would like to have a prototype with which the operation of the concept can be demonstrated. In addition, Actemium would like to test the prototype at the office building in Veghel where both energy generation (PV) and energy consumption (charging stations - company building) are present. 

The main goal is to develop a dashboard and possible controls for the Energy Management framework. A PLC can be used for control, which can control one or more assets, can read data from various sensors or actuators (such as power meters, electric charging stations or power converters) and has communication with the higher-level (user) interface of the EM framework. 

  • You are pursuing a degree in Industrial Automation, Computer Science, or ICT & Technology. 
  • You are enthusiastic and have a passion for technology and sustainable energy. 
  • You work independently on your assignment at our location in Veghel. 
  • Standing still is not an option for you; you want to further develop yourself, both within your graduation assignment and on a personal level. 
  • You are a pleasant and critical conversationalist. You easily engage with various levels within our organization, and if necessary, provide unsolicited advice. 

At Actemium, you have the space to trust in your own qualities. Of course, with an open mind for the knowledge and experience of your colleagues. In practice, this means: 

  • A pleasant, informal working atmosphere and tailored guidance from enthusiastic professionals. 
  • Plenty of room for your innovative ideas. 
  • An internship or graduation opportunity with a lot of variety within a network that is constantly evolving. 
  • (Opportunities for) growth after completing your assignment. 
  • Flexible working hours 


As a graduate student at Actemium, you will have all the space to develop yourself, of course, under the guidance of experienced Actemium employees. The combination of your talent and our professional expertise can lead to surprising innovations. Through your creativity and dedication, our organization becomes a bit better, and you get a cool place to graduate. So, it's a win-win situation! 


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